DIANE SIMPSON, born 11.03.1944

Education and travel
Diane Simpson was born and educated in the U.S.A. and studied Art History and English Literature at San Diego State University.
Her former husband's work meant many years of travel, and postings abroad including Dublin, Brussels and Johannesburg.

Diane Simpson has concentrated on portraits since a young age and has focussed largely on commissioned work since she went professional in 1984.
As well as normal portraits in oil, acrylic, charcoal and crayon, she was hired by NBC Television to do on-the-spot portraits of witnesses at the inquest of Steve Biko in Johannesburg and has done similar work for ABC Television in London.
She was also hired by the Victoria and Albert Museum to do a series of caricature portraits of members of the public,as part of their bicentennial celebration of the French Revolution.

Architectural Paintings and Landscapes
The artist has travelled widely in Italy and in France.
She has spent many months in Northern Italy painting and now she spends 6 months each year in France, based in Coulaures, painting and drawing.
The artist's portraits and city scapes are in private collections in the U.S.A., South Africa, France, Italy and in England.
In London her work has been exhibited in The Mall Galleries,The David Curzon Gallery,The Wykeham Gallery and The Collections Gallery.
Her work has been featured in The Financial Times.